The act of bringing a little intention to your day can make a small but significant shift in your own mind, and the energy of the space you live in

A candle lighting ritual

Whether you’re lighting dinner candles for festive suppers or adding a little light to your living room, try combining the physical act of lighting a candle with a moment of clarity and intention. 

Wishing with candles isn’t just for children’s birthdays. Many cultures use lighting a candle to make a wish or an intention. Combining the physical act of lighting a candle with a moment of intention can be a powerful subconscious signal to ourselves and our loved ones. It helps to shift gears into more peace, more love, or more of whatever it is you need most.

Choose a candle, either with a meaningful colour or simply white. Set it up on a candle holder or in a hurricane lamp. 

Pause before you light it, take a breath and bring to mind the feeling of what you’d like to invite in – and what you’d like to release.

As you light the wick, say out loud or to yourself what this candle represents. For example, “I’m inviting in love, peace and playfulness.”

Spend a moment focusing on the flame as it flickers into life.

Give a little gratitude when you extinguish the candle for its light and the energy you cultivated.

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