A new book celebrating Christmas by Scandinavian Artists is a visual treat

Christmas ideas for decorating your home, inspiration for Nordic style interiors and much more. This book is beautiful, informative and pure escapism. 

It’s almost impossible to simply flick through ‘The Christmas Season created by Scandinavian Artists,’ as so many things catch your eye and warrant a closer look. The main focus of this new book showcases 12 houses owned by incredibly stylish creatives. While this may not seem a great amount for a book just short of 300 pages, there is so much in each home it allows you to linger over each image and absorb the poetic yet highly readable writing. 

Each house is interspersed with 12 Nordic Christmas themes including traditions such as Santa Lucia and our favourite - Christmas candlelight. There are also whimsical illustrations, recipes and incredibly professional looking DIY craft.

‘We hope to inspire you, and perhaps even help you evolve some Christmas ideas and techniques of your own.' Katrine Martensen-Larsen

It’s written by stylist and interior decorator Katrine Martensen-Larsen who shares her style and candid opinions (her home is a style of architecture, funkis style if you are interested, now revered but so difficult to sell at the time the creators had to live in the houses) giving you an insight into her ethos.

This book appeals to so many interests. Recipes range from traditional Christmas Cake to Warm Orange Wine. Gorgeous interiors bathed in Nordic light emanate simple yet decorative style. They are not all white either, mustard, navy and black are featured. Refreshingly spaces aren’t all enviably huge – a charming studio apartment is only 12 square metres.

If you think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, or otherwise, you’ll find this beautiful book will get you stylishly in the festive spirit and make you relook at how you decorate your home from now on.

The Christmas Season Created By Scandinavian Artists by Katrine Martensen-Larsen. Photography Mikkel Adsbøl, ACC Art Books £45,

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