Autumn checklist

A seasonal reminder of the joyful things you can do in autumn to make the most of this enchanting time. 
  • Forage for berries, mushrooms, and botanicals. Or simply gather wildflowers and leaves to create a seasonal centrepiece.
  • Consciously shift the lighting in your home: add candles, lanterns, and a nourishing soft glow.
  • Add blankets and cushions to your space. Mix and match around the home.
  • Make your own jam and host an afternoon tea with scones and cream.
  • Make a date with an armchair, a good book, and a pot of tea or coffee. If you 
    can watch the rain on the window, even better.
  • Create an evening ritual to help you embrace the shorter days. Light a candle, close the curtains, take an evening walk.
  • Or organise a dinner party to celebrate the harvest and all your seasonal favourites.
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Believers in slow living and
the art of "just enough"
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