Beautiful utility

There is something so pleasing about having simple pieces of kitchen kit that you enjoy using every day as our new kitchenware pieces show. They are made to be used… and loved.

The importance of good design for the small necessities in our lives is often overlooked. But we believe that beauty and utility go hand in hand, as our new Stoneware range for spring shows. Made from premium stoneware, the tactile finish consists of a speckled glaze that creates unique subtle differences between every piece. It’s easy to clean, and in true keeping with its practicality, is dishwasher safe.

Dish up family favourites in our Stoneware dishes, just made for those moments of togetherness

But these pieces are so lovely, we know you’ll want to stack open shelves and kitchen worktops with them – and why not? Each piece has been designed for daily use, so you’ll want easy access. And when it looks this good, a cupboard is the last place you should find it.

We’ve also found some great glass bottles that are perfect for decanting juices and sauces or even filling with your own recipes. After all, we believe it’s about those little touches that bring you everyday smiles.

Stoneware Salt Pig, £19| Metal Utility Basket, £25| Stoneware Utensil Holder, £25| Stoneware Baking Dishes, from £20| Oiled Acacia Boards, from £25| Retro Glass Bottles, set of three, £18.50

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