Bringing life back to the land 

Across the UK and beyond, there are more and more calls for “rewilding.” The process of reintroducing flora and fauna to natural environments so that it becomes self- sustaining.

The summer is a time to head outside, but after spending so much time in our own private outside spaces recently, we’re finding ourselves thinking about the wild: space where nature has been allowed to take over, or where there’s something unique at work, without being forced.

It’s never been more apparent that nature continues, even when our lives are turned upside-down – and that is truly inspiring.

There are many benefits to the rewilding movement sweeping the UK. Not least establishing ecosystems that regenerate woodland and native species.

Rewilding provides regenerating for generations to come. It is a long term gift

The beauty of rewilding is that it ultimately requires no human management. We can nudge things in the right direction by removing man-made obstacles, but ultimately nature is the authority here. And it works alongside farming, agriculture and cultivated natural spaces, like gardens and meadows.

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