Care for your collection

Keep your vases looking as good as new with our handy tips. 


Use denture tablets to make a glass vase sparkle again. Fill the vase with 
warm water, pop in 1-2 tablets and leave until the fizzing stops. Empty and loosen any grime with a sponge or bottle brush. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.


Place a teatowel in the bottom of your sink to protect it, then gently wash in warm water with a squeeze of washing-up liquid. Use a bottle brush to remove any grime from inside. Stand to dry on a teatowel.


Dry clean using a soft cloth on a weekly basis, preventing dust building up. You can vacuum the piece (or use your hairdryer on a low setting) to remove dust from any decorative detailing.

Glass Balloon Vase, £29.95

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