Chocolate with a story 

One design studio’s passion for chocolate and its hometown of Stockholm led to an innovative product that describes Sweden’s iconic capital in a new way. Join us as we take a delicious bite of the city. 

A love of chocolate and one design studio’s hometown led Kristoffer Svedulf and Sara Svensson to create TALES Chocolate. It’s no ordinary chocolate though. ‘Each bar builds on the idea of transcending a place into a tasting experience as it tries to capture the ‘soul’ of the place, so you can bring it with you and share with a friend,’ tells Kristoffer.

Where did you begin? Just how do you integrate chocolate and a city ?

We set about designing a tasting experience defined by the core character of Stockholm’s urban districts. We held tasting sessions, from which questions arose about how a location is related to flavours, textures, scents, and sights as well as a rich spectrum of social, cultural and aesthetic influences. The flavours we settled on are all representative of the locations’ essence and their unique character.

The contrast in texture between the land and the sea on each bar is aesthetically beautiful and encourages tactile exploration

Tell us about the different chocolates in the collection.

We started with Gamla Stan, described as ‘an 85% dark chocolate with a moody and intricate taste reminiscent of the antiquated streets of Stockholm’s Old Town’. We have expanded to include Södermalm, Djurgården Archipelago and National Museum, where you’ll find the grand museum’s inspiring collections – where classic art meets modern design – captured in the exquisite flavour of 
traditional, rich 70% dark chocolate with a refreshing touch of delicately crisp cocoa nibs.

Handmade at Malmö Chokladfabrik is available at or from its listed retailers

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