It’s very easy, especially with the growth of social media, to look externally for style inspiration and ideas of what your home should look like. But often this can lead us further away from a home that truly nourishes us.

Designing with depth

Use your intuition to create your dream home full of authenticity, love and favourite finds that bring you joy.

There’s a secret to creating your home that is seldom told: your own unique intuition. We each have a powerful intuition about how we want our home to be, and yet we don’t always know how to listen to it.

When you walk into a space that truly expresses the people who live there, you can feel it. The space resonates, full of life and love and authenticity. Sometimes we can mistake this feeling for liking a colour or a design feature, when really we’re responding to the energy of the people who created the space. So how can we cultivate our intuition?

Uncover your real passions

  • Often, we think we want one thing, when really our true passions suggest something else. Start a scrapbook, collecting images and inspiration, and adding them one at a time.
  • Allow yourself to add anything that catches your eye, and over time you’ll see the common threads. Where you perhaps thought you liked bright colour, you may find you’ve been collecting subtler tones.

Start slowly

  • In our impatience, we often reach for quick solutions and then discover we aren’t living as intentionally as we could. Instead, start slowly.
  • Go on a creative meander and choose just one thing that speaks to you on a deeper level. Place it in your home, and then see how it feels over a few weeks.


  • Spend 15 to 30 minutes in a peaceful place, quieten your mind, and focus your attention on how you want to feel in your home. Close your eyes, relax, and allow a vision to appear.
  • Don’t try to force a specific response, simply allow your true vision and feelings to be revealed to you.

A long-term approach

  • The good news is that living more intuitively is beautifully aligned with sustainable living. Chances are, your intuition is going to choose pieces that resonate with you for years to come. All you need to do is listen.

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