Dining in the deep

We’ve all had dinners overlooking spectacular views: an Italian vista, an expanse of sea, the mountain air, or a simply stunning sunset. But new Norwegian restaurant Under has a view you’re guaranteed never to forget.

From the outside, it looks somewhat like a shipwrecked shipping container. Within, it houses an innovative dining experience with views of marine life and all the beauty of the icy North Atlantic Sea.

From the building itself to the principles of head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, Under is an ambitious project. The stunning architecture is incredibly innovative, and the journey from concept to completion is awe-inspiring.

Not only that, but it allows such a privileged view of the natural landscape we so rarely get to see: under the sea. Norway’s coastline is craggy and wild, but rich with wonder. At night, soft lighting illuminates the marine life so that diners can catch glimpses of the wildlife that’s all around us, barely noticed.

And the carefully considered menu reflects a similar respect for the surrounding wildlife. The dishes are seasonal and deeply rooted in Norwegian culinary traditions, with a focus on seafood, of course.

Working closely with marine researchers and preservationists, the team at Under use local seafood, harvested at the optimum moment to allow natural reserves to thrive. The same can be said for their own foraging for seaweed and similar treasures from the sea.

With equal focus on food, architecture and marine conservation, Under is certainly a unique addition to the world of dining. While the idea of sitting underwater for a couple of hours may divide opinions, we’re certainly in awe of such a brilliant and original concept.

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