Dress the house with foliage

Fresh foliage is at the heart of a Scandi-styled Christmas space – and it’s not all about the tree, with branches, sprigs, wreaths and garlands adding to the look too.

Bring nature in this Christmas, with plenty of fresh foliage. Start by collecting from your garden, perhaps asking neighbours if you can take a few clippings from their holly bushes. You can also collect from hedgerows and local woods, however be careful not to snip too much from living plants as they may not survive the winter with cut stems.

To make a simple Scandi-style wreath, either start with a ready-made wicker or wire ring, or bend a few pieces of willow into a circle shape, securing with florist’s wire. Add more foliage, wiring on where needed – try not to be too exact as the best wreaths have a certain amount of creative expression to them. Decide if you want your wreath to be uniform or something that’s a little more natural in style. For extra sparkle, wind a set of battery LED lights into your wreath.

Forage for festive foliage, gathering from nature to bring the season indoors

For an alternative to a wreath, secure a large bunch of foliage together with the cut stems at the top, winding a length of our lovely wide velvet ribbon around before tying to your door knocker or hook.

Collect a basket full of small pieces of foliage and use to dress your table, shelves and even gifts

Save all of your cuttings and use to trim Christmas presents, place cards and votives. Pop a vase with a sprig of fir by the side of your guest’s bed, arrange a line of twiggy-filled vases on your mantelpiece or gather several different foliage types and pop in a narrow-necked vase for a simple, rustic display.

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