Embrace Scandinavian rituals to make the most of brighter times...

Easy home updates for the summer season

Embrace Scandinavian rituals to make the most of brighter sunny times. 

For four months of the year, residents of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and beyond are flooded with sunlight, warmth, and life in full bloom. After months of adapting to darker, colder seasons in order to thrive, there’s a significant shift so that they can continue to live life to the fullest in the summer.

Curtains are swapped for lighter fabrics, allowing more light in throughout the day. (And luxurious sleep masks become essential to preserve rest, even in the 23-hour sunlight.) Bedding is lighter in weight, but also in colour to make the most of the sunlight streaming in through the day.

Table linens, bath linen, throws, blankets and cushions are all updated to paler colours, perhaps indulging in linen rather than thicker cottons and knits. The fireplace is swept and tended to, and firewood tends to be stored safely outside for alfresco dining and midsummer celebrations, keeping guests warm into the later evenings.

There may not be such a significant change here in the UK, but as the weather warms up, and the daylight lasts longer simple seasonal updates can help to make the most of summer. 

Simple seasonal updates

The idea of updating your home seasonally can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Just like you have a summer duvet, you can store your winter or summer covers when not in use.

Even swapping the curtains can be as simple – and affordable – as a carefully chosen fabric, ready to hang. And of course you can start slowly. Choose pieces, materials and colours you really love, and you’ll find yourself excited to bring them out year after year.

Top tips for easy updates 

  • Choose a lovely linen table runner or set of placemats in pale pink, white or blue and white stripes
  • Opt for soft, pastel bedlinen with a lighter weight
  • Swap your cushion covers for paler colours
  • Add summer flowers while they’re in full bloom
  • Use glass vases that reflect and play with the light
  • Style with lighter wall décor, such as white framed mirrors
  • Place pretty wall carvings over windows to dapple the light in the evenings and early mornings
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