Embrace the Equinox and enhance wellbeing

Breathe fresh life into your home with our simple guide for a spring refresh.

In many Scandinavian households, there’s an emphasis on living with the seasons, and this isn’t just about what we see when we look out of the window. Rather, there’s an emphasis on bringing the natural world inside, reflecting in our homes the light, air, and quality of each season. For springtime, this means shifting from darker, colder months, and back to warmer days, lighter evenings and fresher air.

There are simple updates that take place at this time of year: replacing heavier curtains, blankets and bedding with lighter versions, shaking out the rugs, and even changing the artwork on the walls. Scandinavian simplicity means these updates aren’t complex – keeping a set of lighter curtains doesn’t have to be expensive or bulky – but make a significant difference to the feeling within your home. It’s not about re-painting or making big changes, though the power of the spring clean can definitely lead you in that direction, too! Here are some easy steps to bring in Spring. 

Refreshing your home at the beginning of each season re-energises and gives appreciation to the small changes that nature brings.

Seasonal decorations
Nothing says spring more than freshly cut seasonal flowers. Bring in flowers from the garden or a local florist, or perhaps some fresh spring decorations for the Easter table. 

Pastel candles
Coloured candles can change the energy of a room, making a calm yet refreshing feel, or pale pink for a loving, nurturing atmosphere. By using pastels, you’re tapping into the brighter energy of spring.

Lighter bedding
We still need a little warmth and cosiness in the spring, but our bedding can get lighter in both weight and colour. Try a pretty pale grey or simple Scandinavian white for a zen-like bedroom.

Fresh table linen
Where we gather for meals with loved ones is truly special. Give it an energy boost with gorgeous table linen that can be used every day, or something just for special occasions.

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