Fall into Autumn - a special season full of warmth and wonder

Autumn is one of Scandinavia's best-kept secrets. Once summer crowds have left, the forests and lakes are yours to explore. Try embracing its ever-changing colours, slower pace and sense of calm at home.

The Nordic way of life is so closely related to nature and the changing seasons, and autumn, with its weekends spent gathering berries, mushrooms, apples and pears, offers an abundance to be shared. It's a time when local farmers markets offer their best delights as families stock up before heading into the dark, cold, long winter to come. 

There's so much colour to appreciate too. In Finland, they talk of ruska, the autumn foliage of glorious reds, yellows, oranges and browns. It's seen as nature's last show before the snow covers the landscape once more. 

|Sweden celebrates Brittsommar on the 7 October, which is named after Saint Birgitta. Visit then and you may be lucky to experience that (usually) one crisp week of autumn sunshine – its Indian Summer – that really shows off the changing colours at their best. Back at home, become a weather watcher and make the most of any autumnal sunshine to get out and explore your surrounding area.

It's easy to bring these gorgeous colours into your autumn home too. Replace flowers with dried grasses, arrange faux pumpkins of varying sizes and scatter a few dried leaves. When you are out, capture the season with photographs, looking for that often elusive blue-sky-meets-autumn-trees shot. Frame it as a reminder of what many Scandinavians claim is the best of all seasons.

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