Friluftsliv and the art of open-air living

Embrace the outdoors and fill up on summer light, love and laughter.

One of the beautiful things about summer is how easy and enjoyable it is to spend time outside. Whether it’s your own garden, the local park, or a lovely beach, getting into nature has so many benefits.

Our Scandinavian friends are well aware of these benefits, and of course have a word for it: friluftsliv, roughly translated as “open-air life”.

Ultimately, the concept of friluftsliv acknowledges the vitality and energy that being outdoors really brings. It’s the idea that being able to see greenery, water and forests strengthens us, body, mind and spirit.

Allow the vitality of summer fill your soul

In most Scandinavian companies, flexible working options are encouraged by many employers, specifically so that they can get out while the sun’s out, and work when it’s darker.

This summer, get outside, breathe deeply, and take in the natural world around you. Feel the sensations of living in a world that’s in full bloom – flowers, trees, animals, birds all loving the warmth, light and freedom of summer.

If you take a longer walk with the dog, enjoy a day at the beach, or regular picnics in your garden or local park, your head and heart will thank you for it.

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