There’s something particularly symbolic about having lanterns outdoors in the summer, and bringing them inside where they’re needed for autumn.

Glimmers of hope and happiness

Perpetuate the light. Changing the light in your home from sunshine to candlelight.

Often, when it comes to autumn, we think about “losing” the light. And perhaps it can feel that way. We say goodbye to the sunshine and the way it lights our evenings. But rather than see a loss, we prefer to look at it as an opportunity to enjoy different hues and tones around the home.

Instead of sunlight drifting in through the window, we can place candles and lanterns around our home, providing romance, cosiness, and natural light to live by.

A symbolic shift

Having absorbed all the sunlight of the summer, we’re now able to light our homes and ourselves from within. Because they’re so easy to move around as needed, lanterns are a wonderful year-round feature for your home and garden. They can be gathered together, or stand alone.

You might decide to keep it simple with plain white pillar candles, or add colour, texture and decorative elements, like dried flowers or pebbles, within each lantern.

Top tips for lanterns

Create a collection of complimentary sizes so that you can group your lanterns as well  as display them separately.

Choose matching materials or mix colours and textures like stainless steel, bronze, wood and leather for an eclectic look.

Forage for autumn leaves, moss and conkers to place inside your lantern.

Use pretty pillar candles, or add LED string lights or cotton ball lights for a stunning effect.

Place lanterns in your hallway, fireplace, bedroom or even the bathroom for a magical home atmosphere. 

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