Even the simple act of lighting a candle can change the feeling of a space...


There aren’t enough words to express all the different things our homes mean and represent to us. So much happens in our homes, and there’s so much potential for our homes to be both solace and stigma.

When we have sad memories in our home, we have to release them or find a new space to comfort and renew. Happy memories linger and decorate our walls more than any wallpaper ever could, though we don’t always see it.

We each have a unique experience of our homes, and our own intentions for what we need our home to provide. I know that home has potential to be deeply healing and supportive – but we have to cultivate that for ourselves, tending to the hearth metaphorically and physically.

I know for sure that even the simple act of lighting a candle can change the feeling of a space and provide the tiniest piece of peace in dark times. Imagine what can happen when we take care of our space even more.

Is your home peaceful? Full of memories? Does it have space for you to be just who you are? What do you need from your home this season?

It’s safe to say I’m fairly obsessed with the meaning of home! Share what home means to you, and perhaps what your intentions for it are, over on our blog – I’d love to share more experiences and inspiration.

Home is a many-splendored thing. Home is where we wake each morning, and remember who we are.

  • Home is where we nourish ourselves, mind, body and soul.
  • Home is where we retreat to after long days and trips away.
  • Home is where we’re anchored, the pull as strong as tide to moon.
  • Home holds our loved ones, our treasures, our memories.
  • Home holds us, nurtures us, keeps us warm, keeps us safe.
  • Home is far more than four walls, a roof, a door.
  • Home is self-expression, is family, is blissful rest and recuperation.
  • Home is taking deep care of ourselves, and our loves.
  • Home is solitude, quiet companionship, and occasional wild repartee.
  • Home is space to just be.
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