Hotel Pigalle, 24 hours in Gothenburg

Our trips to Scandinavia are definitely hard work – there are lots of people to see, meetings to have, and decisions to make – and we don’t have much time for sightseeing. 

So we squeeze in as much delight as we can to the places we stay and the meals we enjoy! Our recent trip to Gothenburg included an unexpectedly fabulous night at Hotel Pigalle, and a delicious dinner in the incredible restaurant. It was so unusual and uplifting, we just had to share.

The first thing you’ll notice about Hotel Pigalle is that it isn’t what you’d usually associate with Scandi design, or even with Nordic House! This is not a minimalist or contemporary hotel. It’s modelled on 20th century Parisian grandeur, with thick curtains and carpets, deep colours and framed prints covering the exquisite wallpapered walls.

Our dinner at their Atelier restaurant was incredible – utterly delicious and a real luxurious treat. When the menu is based on seasonal produce and the chefs’ inspiration, rather than a forced concept or static selection, you know you’re about to discover something amazing. 

And while we love the calming, warm tones usually seen around here at home, our time at Hotel Pigalle was a wonderful reminder that stepping outside the ordinary can invigorate the senses and expand your outlook.

A typical Hotel Pigalle moment: stepping into the lift to find that it giggled and flirted with us! What’s not to love about an unexpected moment of pure delight?

So for one night, we indulged in crystal chandeliers, velvet armchairs, and the utter decadence of Hotel Pigalle, and it’s an experience we won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

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