Living Better Lives Exhibition

Living better and more sustainably is something we would all like to do. A fascinating exhibition at Copenhagen’s Danish Architecture Centre explores ways to make this a reality. 

Fifty years ago, a group of architects won a competition by the Danish Building Research Institute calling for alternative forms of housing. The winning project of 78 homes emphasised communal living and flexible spaces where communities could eat together and walls could be easily added if more rooms were required. Tinggården in Herfølg is still thriving today. The project also led to the establishment of architectural firm Vandkunsten who have been incorporating sustainability and community into their work ever since. ‘Living Better Lives,’ is an interactive exhibition developed by them looking at how we can live more sustainably today and into the future. 

The exhibition Living Better Lives is not about the past. Its focal point is our future. 

Living in smaller spaces, sharing and incorporating nature indoors are part of their ethos. We all know that living in small spaces benefits the planet but this exhibition highlights how areas can be designed to make smaller space living pleasurable. Set up like a village, visitors can walk around a micro home for a family of four measuring 37 square meters (just shy of 400 sq feet). Then explore the communal greenhouse, hall and playground.

“We want to make more room for cosiness and well-being in modern architecture and urban planning. " Søren Nielsen, Architect MAA and partner at Vandkunsten.

There is information about community self builds and increasing bio-diversity where you live. It’s also fun for children who can crawl through a children’s tunnel or play foosball in the communal hall. This exhibition is an inspiring insight into the possibilities of living in a world where saving resources, combating loneliness and opening our doors to others instead of closing them can be achieved through architecture and a small shift in our approach to the everyday. 

Living Better Lives is exhibiting until April 18th at the Danish Architecture Centre. Visit to find out more. 

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