Marking Springtime

Whether you already have traditions for spring, or are considering something new this year, choose something that feels uplifting, welcoming and peaceful to you.

Gather symbols of spring
Pick up some shells or pebbles from the beach, or cut some daffodils from the garden. Perhaps you’ll paint eggs with your children, or go for more grown-up egg ornaments. Whatever you choose, these symbols of spring are powerful reminders to embrace nature and that life and warmth are returning.


Plant seeds and tend your garden
It’s as though our gardens call to us, beckoning through windows and doors. After dormant winters, they’re ready to burst into life again, and they’re craving attention! Plant some new seedlings, or simply clear some space for everything to bloom once again. Time spent pottering in the garden is seldom wasted.


Spring clean – inside and out
With fresh air sweeping in, we’re drawn to clearing away the heaviness of winter. In years gone by, we would be sweeping the hearth and putting away winter blankets. These days, we might de-clutter areas of our homes, or even reduce the processed foods in the cupboard, opting instead for the fresh produce now available at the farmers’ market.

Go outside
Celebrate the possibility of going outside without seven layers, hats, gloves and scarves! Getting outside has multiple benefits: it’s proven to improve mental and physical health, and after months of very limited sunlight, just the simple addition ofa more vitamin D is likely to have you feeling more full of life.


Set an intention or two
Have a mental and emotional spring clean, as well as a physical one. Carve out some me-time to nourish your body and mind. Run a bath and indulge in a luxurious body scrub. Once you’re physically relaxed, write down anything you’re letting go of as we enter a new season, and release it with any physical clutter you’re getting rid of. Then, write down 3-5 things you’re welcoming in, and pop your list somewhere you’ll see daily. Whether it’s more joy, more laughter, more peace, or something more specific, the ritual of intention can be powerful. 

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