Meet our tomte

No Scandi home would be without a tomte friend. Symbolising hope and the lifting of spirits – he’s just the character to help you get through midwinter.

In Sweden, he’s known as Tomte, Tonttu in Finland and Nisse in Norway… this cheeky, generous folklore character is believed to have originated from the soul of the first farm owner, who then became a spirit figure, with the task of looking after the farm. 

No Scandi home would be without its own tomte on display in the festive period

When people moved from the countryside to the city, they took their tomte with them. During the warmer months he’s believed to sleep under the floorboards, waking up in winter to help prepare the home for Christmas. In modern Sweden, he has taken on more of a Father Christmas role.

‘Our tomte will happily sit with his floppy legs on a mantelpiece or shelf, watching over the home and everyone in it,’ adds Sandie. ‘Just don’t forget to leave out a bowl of his favourite julgröt (porridge) on Christmas Eve.’

Swedish Tomte, £12

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