Natural remedies

Did you know that in your own store cupboard you already have many of the ingredients needed to heal and prevent common ailments? Boost your own self care with these easy remedies.

When our grandmothers and elders tended cuts, bruises, colds, fevers and other illnesses, they didn’t rely on pharmacies. Instead, they used simple wisdom, common sense and ingredients from well-stocked pantries that grew in their kitchen gardens, or from wild weeds gathered in the fields and woods surrounding their homes. 

Not only will you save money with homemade remedies but you will begin to learn what works for you as you bring much comfort to yourself and your loved ones. As well as healing maladies, we can also care for our appearance in an all-natural way. Self-care involves, in great part, living in harmony with the seasons and the natural world. Try these solutions from Natural Cures & Remedies (CICO Books, £9.99)

While we live in a modern world of cutting-edge medicine, there is still much you can do using the natural remedies right from your pantry and kitchen garden

Sensual soak

Sandalwood, amber, and vetiver are all rich, earthy scents that combine well together.

5 drops sandalwood essential oil

5 drops amber essential oil

2 drops vetiver essential oil

90g Epsom salts

70g baking soda

Combine the essential oils with the Epsom salts and stir in the baking soda. Mix well to create a richly scented paste. You can use a couple of different ways: either slather it onto yourself and shower off with a loofah and thick washcloth or roll it into a ball after you mix it and place under the tap as you are running a hot bath. The entire room will smell like paradise. Soak it all in, lie back, and enjoy this fully.

Echinacea root tea

Most herb stores or organic grocers will have dried echinacea root for fighting colds and negating respiratory infections. It is an amazing immune booster. Just mince a teaspoonful and steep in 240 ml of boiling water. Sweeten to taste and drink at least a couple of cups a day. 

Read the book: Natural Cures & Remedies: Kitchen cupboard recipes and solutions for your health and home (CICO Books, £9.99). 

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