Romjul is a time to reflect, relax and prepare for the year ahead.

There is something unique about the week between Christmas and New Year. Norwegians call it Romjul and see it as a time to rest and do quiet activities to reset for the upcoming year. Here are eight calming ideas. 

Phone a friend

If you've moved areas or don’t seem to have the time to see old friends, now is the time to chat. Everyone is relaxed and has downtime on their hands. You’ll soon be reminded of the joys of friendship.

Turn off technology

Reconnect and reclaim family time by turning off technology for 24 hours. If you have tech-savvy kids this may be a bit of a battle so lots of lovely snacks or fun activities will help. Once you have begun, everyone may be surprised at how much they enjoy it.

Go for a walk

Wrap up warm and experience the beauty of nature. Not only is it revitalising, coming back to a warm and cosy house is just bliss.

Enjoy outdoor fika

Fika is the Swedish ritual of having coffee and a sweet treat and is a daily, or twice daily activity in workplaces and homes. While it is often an indoor pastime, during the winter some people take it outside, light a fire and make the most of the great outdoors. 

Watch a box set with snacks

Comedy, Nordic noir, dramas? Choose your genre of box set or line up a few movies, load up the snacks and cosy up.

Do a jigsaw

Start a jigsaw and you'll be amazed how people gravitate towards it. Leave it on a table or buy a puzzle keeper so you can leave it out for a few days and you’re good to go. It’s surprising how hard it will be to walk past without adding a piece or two.

Be creative

If you’re crafty dig out an unfinished project or begin a new one. If there was any craft you used to get lost in as a child, chances are you’ll still enjoy it. From calligraphy to knitting, it’s not always about the end result. The process is often more rewarding than the finished piece.

Organise photographs

Now is a great time to look through the digital photos you’ve accumulated. Download all of your photos into one place and work through keeping or deleting them as you go. You can even make them into a photo book which is a lovely record of the past year, and it clears your digital storage.

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