Scandinavian Easter Traditions

As the days get a little longer and fresh shoots of life emerge from the earth, we look to Scandinavia for traditions and rituals that celebrate the welcoming of a new season.

It’s not all daffodils and Easter eggs. Scandinavian culture focuses so beautifully on good food and good company, which is something many of us can appreciate.
Being further north than the UK, many places throughout Scandinavia are covered in snow throughout the winter, and so the landscape changes dramatically in the spring.

In Norway especially, the last ski trip of the year is an occasion that’s marked around Easter (when the snow rapidly disappears) with family, friends and a particular chocolate bar called Kvikk-Lunsj.

While you may not be waving goodbye to inches of snow on the ground, we can all appreciate warmer temperatures and the changing scene

Easter eggs, delivered by witches

In Sweden, Easter eggs are made from cardboard or papier mache, generously filled with sweets and chocolate, and given out by children dressed up as witches! Neighbours and friends pay the witches with handmade notes.

Easter trees

As well as updating textiles and home décor, many Scandinavian homes will also install an Easter tree, or Påskris, during the spring.Branches are collected from the garden, and decorated with painted eggs, feathers and other brightly coloured ornaments.

Easter flowers

For the Danes, flowers symbolise that spring is on its way! Erantis (winter aconite) and Vintergækker (snowdrops) are the first blooms of the year, followed quickly by Påskelilje (daffodils) in time for Easter.

The Easter table

It wouldn’t be a Scandi celebration without a table to be proud of! Think flowers, candles, table linens, followed by beautiful breads, preserves and excellent coffee. As it’s Easter, eggs are part of the food selection, with quiches, egg coffee and special pancakes served with gusto.

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