Small, subtle shifts can do wonders to improve the mood in your home, for you, your family, and your guests.

Seasonal serenity

Style tips for creating a festive home that's totally you.

When we shift from autumn – full of colour and ever- changing light – into winter, things can really slow down energetically. It’s the seasonal equivalent of the mid-afternoon slump.

Rather than pausing for fika (coffee and cake) as a pick-me-up, we believe that the key to uplifting your spirits in the winter is to create a thoughtfully festive and cosy home. And it’s not about tinsel everywhere, but choosing fewer things with more meaning.

Whether it’s specifically Christmas decorations, or more of a shift for the entire winter season, updating your home in November and December can help to stave off those winter blues.

Taking out a Nordic white chunky knit blanket and placing it on your sofa can instantly help you to feel cosy and cared for at home. Small pockets of light, created through candles and fairy lights will invite in a little magic.

And of course you can choose seasonal decorations in colours you love. You don’t have to go traditional or trendy, simply choose the hues and pieces that make you smile as soon as you see them.

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