Simply by candlelight

Find comfort and calm in those everyday moments with beautiful candles around your home – it’s amazing how the smallest of touches can bring an opportunity to pause.

The Danes burn more wax than any other nation, with candles very much an important part of everyday life across Scandinavia. And when it’s cold and dark outside, it’s easy to see why candles – whether housed in lanterns, decorative votives or more traditional-style candlesticks – help create that feeling of hygge we all love.

As we move into autumn and our thoughts turn to spending more time indoors, try introducing more candles to your daily routine. Light a few votives as you savour that first cup of coffee (ideally before the rest of the house stirs), shower or bathe by candlelight or use tealights to give your desk space a softer, less corporate feel.

Look for tealight holders made by artisans that light up your day when you use them

The act of lighting a candle brings a sense of peace, giving us chance to pause and collect our thoughts, as we look forward to what the day may bring or reflect on what’s past.

Dillie Stoneware Candle Holder, £12 | Skia Tealight Tray with Tealight Holders, £20| Dillie Stoneware Match Striker, £18| Dillie Stoneware Tealight Holder, £8.50 

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