Take a moment to appreciate Autumnal fragrances to awaken the senses

For us autumn seems to float in on a breeze. You can smell the earth, the trees, the mist before you see it.

Embracing the senses throughout the year is a pretty solid step towards slow living and better self-care. In the autumn, there’s so much to enjoy, especially when it comes to one underrated sense: scent.

Walking through the woods on a late September afternoon has a uniquely nostalgic feel, with deep woody fragrances emerging among cooler air.

Even misty mornings can be almost spa-like experiences as damper air carries the scent of greenery, late-blooming flowers and foliage with it. And then there are the fragrances we can create and choose for our homes.

The incomparable smell of a wood-burning fire. Essential oils and scented candles, especially in deeper tones like frankincense and wild berries. A delicious stew bubbling on the stove.

Whether you venture outside or fill your home with lovely things, connect with your senses this season, and indulge in fragrances that are unique to autumn.

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