Whether you are lighting a candle to pause for thought, or for a feeling of hygge, linking it with colour makes it even more special.

The meaning of colour

Is the colour of candles significant? We discover the psychological and spiritual meanings behind different shades of candles.  

Here at Nordic House we are so passionate about candles, you could say they are one of our specialised subjects. From the type of wax, fragrance or shape, we are slightly obsessed with all aspects. While white is an enduring classic there is always time for colour, especially now it takes on meaning. 

A white candle can cleanse a space, bringing more clarity and healing to your home. Light a white candle for peace, strength, and truth, or simply to protect and ground your space.

A blue candle can invite in clear communication, peace, wisdom and patience. Light a blue candle when you need a peaceful moment of meditation or even when you’re healing grief.

An orange candle can cleanse negative attitudes and attract good things, including career success, courage, ambition and enthusiasm. Light an orange candle when you need some good luck.

A popular festive colour, red candles bring a sense of vitality, strength and passion. Lighting a red candle will enhance the love, protection and positive action in your home.

Grey is the combination of black and white, so burning a grey candle can bring balance to your space. It can also enhance intuition, creativity and discernment.

A deeply healing colour, and lighting a green candle can encourage good health, healing, and wealth. Because it’s linked to nature, green is also a balancing colour.

The colour of friendship and affection, pink candles are perfect for gatherings in your home, or to attract compassion, joy and opening your heart. The paler in colour, the gentler the energy.

Lighting a black candle can remove negative energy from your home, and can also be used to invite in the healing of physical illness or a lack of wellbeing. Combine it with the colour that represents what you’d like to invite in.

A traditionally spiritual colour, purple candles have a luxurious and meaningful feel to them. Light a purple candle for expansion, success, and confidence, as well as uncovering hidden meanings.

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