The power of nature 

Nature offers us many ways to increase our vitality, both mentally and physically. Fresh air in the woods, or the salt air from the sea have all sorts of short and long term benefits. 

Ideas for embracing nature

  • Plant mint in your garden or on your kitchen windowsill and make fresh mint tea
  • Go “forest bathing” in local woodland
  • Track the seasonal changes in your garden – keeping a diary can connect you to the pace of nature
  • Get digging – take out your anger and frustration on the weeds!
  • Give yourself 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure and increase your
  • vitamin D
  • Plant a favourite fruit or vegetable, like raspberries, strawberries,
  • green beans, carrots
  • Sketch, paint and draw your favourite outdoor scenes
  • Take a mindful walk around your neighbourhood, noticing each tree,
  • plant, and animal you see
  • Challenge yourself to explore more of your local area by going on
  • regular walks
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