Let sleep restore your body, calm your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit. Nothing replaces sleep as part of our health and wellbeing, so cultivate it, surround yourself with softness, and drift into dreams.

The simplicity of slumber

As the nights draw in and the days grow shorter, our bodies and minds naturally slip further towards sleep.

Like so many animals and creatures the world over, we’re programmed to conserve our energy in the winter, and there’s only one thing that truly allows us to do that: sleep. 

So how can we give in to our natural inclinations? Especially when we’re overstimulated by busy schedules, bright lights and brilliant technology. We have some ideas for you… Embracing the senses Scandinavian living embraces the seasons and the senses for a lifestyle that’s more aligned with our deeper needs. 

We need gentle colours, soft surfaces and calming scents to allow our bodies and minds to release tension. Try colours that are easy on the eye and promote wellbeing, such as comforting blues or mild pastels. 

It’s not about boring – you’ll be surprised how uplifting simple colour shifts can be. Give yourself textures that your body adores. Touch is an incredibly grounding way to soothe your mind and body, so invest in soft linen bedding, sumptuous sheepskin rugs, and tactile ceramics. 

Lower the lighting for gentle relaxation. You won’t get much past 4pm in Scandinavia without a candle or cosy lamp. Bright lights keep our brains on high alert, whereas candles provide a natural, centuries-old light that starts the process of winding down. Remove technology from the bedroom.

The dance of dark & light

That means smartphones, too! Technology improves our lives in so many ways, but keeping us awake through the night is not one of them. The bright light of screens coupled with news stories and social media can keep us wired and worried, so keep phones, tablets and TVs out. 

Scent yourself to sleep with delicately fragranced candles and skincare that brings you a little bliss. We love fruity cassis in our signature candle, or Nordic Marsh Herbs for a body lotion that’s perfect for bedtime pampering.

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