What is Japandi?

Japan and Scandinavia may be at almost opposite ends of the globe but their similar design ethos and aesthetics make a beautiful pairing. 

Clean lines, uncluttered yet welcoming, functional and calming. These descriptions could be describing Scandinavian décor or Japanese interiors, which is why Japandi makes so much sense. Japandi is a meeting of both and a hybrid of their best features.

There are different views on the origins of Japandi. Some think it started almost 200 years ago when Japan opened its borders to the west, others credit it to more recent times. What is undisputed is that both cultures have a deep respect for high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and minimal styling, which has led to Japandi as we see it today.

Japandi embraces natural materials and the concept of Lagom - not too much, not too little

Japan is renowned for small space living and Japandi furniture doubles up on functionality. From supper tables to day beds, this thoughtful furniture helps to maximise your space. The Scandinavian influence also keeps the look warm. Furniture is often crafted from wood with a subtle grain allowing you to keep it simple or dress it up with textures and soft colours. Accessories also feature in Japandi decor. Again simplicity and a limited material palette highlight the beauty of each piece.

Japandi is more than a trend. It’s a lasting influence in interiors, and with it’s easy to live with style and attention to detail it’s easy to see why.

Boucle Day Bed, from £950 | Japandi Bottle Vases from £45 | Japandi Side Table, £325 | Faux Magnolia Spray Set, £25

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