Why we desire fire. The ancient wisdom of letting it burn

Keeping the fire well-stocked isn’t just vanity in Scandinavian homes. Even with the development of modern central heating, many families maintain a fire or log burner to see them through the long, cold winter.

There’s something magical about gathering around a fire. We’ve been doing it for centuries – millennia, most likely. Fires provided heat, light and nourishment for families, and homes were built around them because they were so vital to survival and wellbeing.

Scandinavian families don’t shy away from lighting a fire outside in the winter, either.

There’s something utterly magical about a winter barbecue, surrounded by snow, and warmed by blankets, jumpers, boots, and great company.

While having a fire may not be a life or death choice these days, there’s something unique and heart-warming about fireside living.

The magic of fire is that it brings us together, and back to ourselves. There’s something meditative about flickering flames and glowing embers.

Keep your fire well-stocked with piles of wood ready to burn, and kindling to get things started. Tend your fire by sweeping your hearth and stoking your fire in style.

Create a fireside feel even if you haven’t got an actual fire in your home by using large lanterns, candles and beautiful wooden candle holders.

You may not choose to cook your dinner in your living room these days, but perhaps the odd family fireside supper will gather your loved ones around the fire.

Elevate the welcoming glow of your fireplace with cosy accessories and artisan pieces that are beautiful as well as functional.

When we embrace fireside living, we don’t need to be afraid of the cold. In fact, we can surrender to it.

We can love having chilled cheeks as we stand around a winter barbecue. We can feel the sensations of winter because we have fire, blankets, coffee, delicious food, and family to gather with.

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