Winter notes

Appreciate the raw, fragile beauty of the season as we look to reconnect with those we love and reset for the new year to come.

Go for a walk

Weather watch for a frosty morningand see your local countryside under a crisp, blanket of frost.

Add warmth

Light the fire, arrange a candle tray or layer your sofa with snug throws, turning your home into a cosy retreat.

Put pen to paper

Write a journal, recording precious memories, funny family moments or your 2021 hopes and dreams.

Ring a bell 

Join in the ringing of Christmas bells at 6pm on Christmas Eve, creating festive magic for young and old.

Take a nap

When was the last time you had a day-time nap? Take time to stop, snuggle down and snooze.

Start a new hobby

Do your prep now, so come New Year, that resolution of learning Icelandic knitting is one step closer.

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