Woodland Wonder, take a walk through the trees

In the UK, we don’t really get to experience such seasonal splendour, but we can bring a sense of woodland enchantment into our homes, especially during winter.

Take a walk through trees covered in snow, sounds muffled, with tiny glittering flakes all around you, discovering child-like magic with every step. 

There’s nothing as grounding as surrounding yourself with nature.

You’re instantly in a fairy tale – a fictional world that’s outside time. Decorating with natural materials doesn’t have to be all about traditional Christmas trees.

Try sprinkling your dining table, hallway, bedroom with pine cones, or introducing birch bark as a texture to your living room.

Play with evergreens, like eucalyptus and witch hazel, or gather some moss to include in a woodland-inspired centrepiece.

Play with soft greens, subtle sparkle, and natural shades of grey to create an environment that’s both comfort and curiosity.

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