10 Ways to Embrace the End of Summer (In True Scandi Style)

August 15, 2018 0 By Nordic House


Here in Cornwall, like much of the UK, we’ve had a pretty glorious summer. We’ve been able to enjoy long stretches of warm, sunny days, plenty of cooling ice creams, and our favourite wanders along the beach.

So many of us are always looking forward, and while we’re big fans of autumn – the cosiness, the first fires, the incredible colours in the trees and the skies – we believe it’s so valuable to soak up the last moments of the season we’re in, before we move forward.

Taking a moment to feel the gratitude for a summer, no matter the ups and downs you’ve experienced, and giving yourself the little bit of summer you can hold even in the middle of winter.

Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate the summer of 2018 and embrace the seasons, just like the Nordics:

  1. List three things you’re grateful for

Gratitude precedes joy. Whether it’s in a journal, on a note on the fridge, or a simple list on your desk, create your own gratitude list of your favourite moments or the feeling of the summer. Perhaps you’ve loved being able to spend time outside, be with family, or take an amazing trip. Whatever it is, make a note and cultivate your gratitude and joy.

  1. Print photos of your favourite moments

It’s great that we get to take amazing photos on our phones and digital cameras. But there’s a nostalgic and powerful experience in having printed photos. Make a mini photo album or book using online tools, or create your own Polaroid-style display in your home so that you can look back on your summer memories.

  1. Proclaim your final ice cream, alfresco dinner or summer sunset

How often do the final moments speed by without knowing it will be our last? Whether it’s your last ice cream, barbecue, sunset stroll or other summer ritual, declare that it will be the final one, and allow it to be sweet and to notice all the details you’ll treasure.

  1. Send a postcard, even if you’re not on holiday

In years gone by, postcards allowed memories and stories to live a little longer. You don’t have to be abroad to send a postcard – draw one, paint one, or find one from your local area. And you don’t even have to send it to a friend or family member: post yourself a memory and wait for it to arrive through the letterbox with your memories.

  1. Take a photo of you and your favourite people at the end of the summer

When you think back to this summer, will you remember what you looked like? What your children, partner, friends looked like? Plan a little photoshoot or simply snap a group selfie on a final summer day so that you have a visual memory to look back on. This is a tradition you’ll want to keep up.

  1. Create an end of summer altar or centrepiece

Gather shells, pebbles from the beach, photos of your trips, tickets from days out, and anything else that represents your summer. Add candles and gorgeous arrangements to create a centrepiece or mantelpiece altar that gives your summer a little space in your home as you see in the new season.How to embrace the end of summer, just like the Scandinavians

  1. Stand in the sun, or watch a sunset, and feel the warmth soak into your bones

We’re going to miss the warmth and the light! Consciously stand in the sun and soak up all its goodness for the months ahead, and you’ll be grateful that you did. There’s so much power in documenting the summer, but this is one to feel in every cell of your body.

  1. Host an end of summer gathering and share memories with friends

Celebrations are more potent when we’re with the people we love. Before the summer comes to an end, host your very own end of summer gathering. Ask your guests to share their favourite summer moments, toast the season, and enjoy coming together in community to say goodbye to the shiniest season.Gather with friends and family to enjoy the end of summer

  1. Freeze or preserve your favourite summer fruits and flowers to enjoy when they’re no longer in season

Deep in autumn and even in winter, there is something incredibly satisfying about pulling frozen strawberries, picked from your garden, and creating an apple and strawberry crumble. Or dry the roses and the lavender so that you have your very own preserved flowers to display and enjoy through the cooler months.

  1. Say thank you for everything the summer has brought, and set an intention for autumn

However you choose to do it, say a big thank you for the summer – the warmth, the light, the lessons it has brought – and take a moment to set a little intention for yourself into autumn. The power of gratitude and intention together propels us closer to a more joyful and more satisfied life.


Over to you…

As we approach the autumn, the back to school season, and cooler temperatures in the northern hemisphere we’d love to hear your plans and traditions for finishing off summer with a bang! What are you up to? Comment below or tag us on Instagram.