Top tips on candle displays

Top tips on candle displays

August 15, 2013 0 By Nordic House


Everywhere you go in Scandinavia you will find candles galore. They are an essential part of the décor in homes throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway because they bring welcome warmth and cheer to dark winter days.

There are a myriad ways in which to enjoy the glow of a real flame – from hurricanes and tealights to candelabra and wall-sconces – but our friends in the North are true experts at displaying them cleverly and adding ingenious little touches that make their candles look utterly beautiful. Here are some of their tricks of the trade…

1. The more the merrier
Group lots of candles of different widths and heights on a metal tray and you will double the magic as the shiny surface reflects the glow of the flames. This makes a fabulous table centrepiece or a warming display in your hearth.

2. Bring the natural world indoors
There’s something enchanting about gathering decorative touches from the garden or hedgerow and incorporating them in your displays. Surround candles with velvety cushions of moss or colourful clusters of berries for a wonderfully naturalistic effect that can be changed with the seasons.


3. Fill up your lanterns
Add an inch or two of pebbles or shells to the bottom of a plain glass hurricane and then nestle your pillar candle in the middle. Or try our favourite trick and use glossy brown coffee beans – they look lovely and they smell divine, too.


4. Don’t forget the garden
It’s easy to forget using candles in the winter garden, but they are hugely effective on a cold, dark night and are a great way to set the scene for a party. Look for lanterns that are especially designed for outdoor use – oil lamps, stainless steel hurricanes or garden flares – and use them to line the path or illuminate your porch to great effect.


5. Colour co-ordinate 
Gone are the days when white pillar candles were the only choice – now you can plan your candles to match your room-scheme or the theme of your party. And it’s not just candles and tealights that come in every colour under the sun; remember to add coloured candle gravel to lanterns and hurricanes, too.


6. Small is beautiful
Don’t forget the humble tealight – an inexpensive yet magically glittery way to enjoy candlelight. Tealights may be small in size but they are big on atmosphere, and there’s more choice than you would ever imagine – choose from glittering glass and gleaming metal to textural flame-proof linen and glowing porcelain.