Discovering Delight in Denmark: Fjordenhus, Vejle

Discovering Delight in Denmark: Fjordenhus, Vejle

July 6, 2018 0 By Nordic House

Who knew you could have a favourite fjord?

Our recent buying trip to Scandinavia – including to Fjordenhus, Vejle, Denmark – was wonderful on so many levels. We found incredible new pieces to share with you (and to purchase ourselves), but it was more than that: the people, the places – they’re truly amazing.

We wouldn’t change what we do for the world, but one of the most satisfying things we’ve experienced is to be welcomed with open arms by suppliers and makers you’ve worked with for many years. That’s pretty special.

Our recent trip took us to Denmark, and in particular to Vejle, where we walked around the stunning Fjordenhus in the harbour.

Fjordenhus Denmark

This completely unique building is designed by Olafur Eliasson to emphasise the landscape and some truly Danish qualities: nature, the light, the weather, and the seasons.

Fjordenhus Vejle

We fell in love with the mesmerising brickwork, the traditional Scandi lighting pieces, and the castle-like design.

Danish architecture

With organic shapes and curving lines, this building is really special, in a way that only Scandinavia can manage. The simplicity and ephemeral feeling of the space means you can’t help to be present and see the fjords, the landscape, the sea.

Scandinavian castle

A wonderful reminder of what Scandi living is really about, and some lovely memories to bring home. The gorgeous light, even on an overcast day, was stunning. There’s such a beautiful feeling of open space.

Danish lighting

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