Easter in Scandinavia

Easter in Scandinavia

April 8, 2014 1 By Nordic House

After the many long nights of winter, the arrival of spring is celebrated across Scandinavia. Easter is a time of renewal for all, celebrated with good food and (hopefully!) even better company.

Easter in Scandinavia, like many of the region’s holiday traditions, is a colourful patchwork of customs, ranging from the religious to the Easter bunny, witches and strangely, lots of oranges! There isn’t a single food tradition that spans all of Norway, Denmark and Sweden – each country has their own take on Easter, but lamb roasts and eggs appear in all of them!

Decorative Duck Eggs


Our adorable papier-mâché eggs are individually hand-painted, which means that every single one is subtly different and yet absolutely exquisite. Group them in a bowl, or set them on your mantelpiece as sculptural pieces in their own right.

Glass Easter Eggs


These limited-edition glass Easter eggs come in beautifully soft muted tones. They look stunning hung from pretty twiggy displays or piled high in a bowl.

 Egg Candles with Yolk


Quirky ‘egg’ candles that reveal a yolk as they burn, stunning table linens and striking contemporary vases are a few of our key pieces for Easter 2014 at Nordic House.

Ochre Yellow Ceramic Vases


With strong graphic lines and graceful curves, these gorgeous vessels are perfect for displays of delicate spring flowers and fronds of greenery for your Easter table.

You can create a stunning Nordic-inspired look by combining our classic crochet table linens and bright and bold accessories, such as our chunky pillar candles, or our graceful yellow dinner candles.

Yellow Striped Pillar Candles


Rather than simply being printed directly onto the candle, which would mean the pattern would be lost very quickly, the stripes on these beauties are printed on a special parchment casing. As the candle burns down, it reflects the candlelight through the casing beautifully!

Crochet Trim Table Linens


Crochet Trim Table Runner


When laying your Easter table, turn back the clock by setting your table with our vintage-style table linen, which is finished with an immaculate crocheted edging. The beautifully crafted pure white cotton runner is designed to lie across the table, where its decorative border is shown off to stunning effect.

Easter is such a wonderful time of year – longer days, spring flowers and gorgeous new products in the Nordic shop! All these things make me so happy, and I think you can hear a collective sigh of relief around the world when winter thaws and spring emerges!

For more Easter inspiration for the home take a look at our lovely Pinterest page and as they say in Sweden, Glad Påsk!