Feasting together: good food, great company

Feasting together: good food, great company

April 17, 2019 0 By Nordic House

Feasting together is one of our very favourite things to do, and with Easter on its way, we’re thinking about it a lot!

Enjoying a meal with family and friends fills us up on a deeper, instinctive level.

But it’s not about serving up Michelin-starred food or fussing over the perfect dinner table.

Spring inspiration from Nordic House

We can make room for conversation and deeper connections with easy, nourishing sharing platters – read feasting food.

Nordic House table inspiration

A tear-and-share bread on a board surrounded by dips. Favourite tapas dishes, thrown together on an easy-to-reach tapas board. Simple salads on a stunning serving board, so that everyone can choose what they like – no arguments!

Add a little homemade lemonade or chilled sparkling water to keep everyone refreshed and hydrated. Our tray makes it easy to serve guests and clear up later on (but don’t worry about that – many hands make light work…).

We hope you get some time to feast together very soon!