Get inspired: Create your own advent calendar

November 16, 2018 0 By Nordic House

Create your own advent calendar this year with our gorgeous advent calendar bags, and plenty of inspiration! The Christmas countdown is such a huge part of seasonal festivities in Scandinavia, and having a thoughtful advent calendar to open every day can be such a treat.

This year, why not make it even more personal with gifts chosen for every day?

Our advent calendar bags are ready for you to personalise with notes, gifts and sweet treats. They’re big enough to hold a variety of items, and can be folded down for smaller pieces.

Pour yourself a cuppa, light a candle, and enjoy the gift of giving as you prepare daily treats for your partner or whole family.

Here are some ideas we love:

Simple sweet treats

Pop some corn and add it to an advent bag. You could flavour it with something special and festive, or keep it simple with their favourite sweet or salted topping. A lovely snack that can be enjoyed throughout the day, and somehow gorgeously Christmassy!

Create your own advent calendar


Christmas candles

There’s no better time than December to add more candlelight to your home. Add tealights or our lovely stubby candles – perfect for the Christmas tree – to one of your bags for a cosy gift. Combine them with a candle holder or Christmas tree clips the day before or after so that they’re ready to light.

Create your own advent calendar

Classic Swedish pepparkakor

Once the popcorn is eaten up, why not take it up a notch with homemade pepparkakor? These spiced ginger biscuits are easy to make and so much fun to ice! Find a recipe in our Winter Life & Style magazine.

Create your own advent calendar

Wellbeing treats

With the cold winter weather, there’s nothing better than a fragrant and soothing hand cream. Or perhaps a bath oil or set of salts. Anything that soothes the body also soothes the mind, and we’re all for it!

Create your own advent calendar

Festive decorations

Gather some pretty Christmas decorations for your advent treats, such as our pretty ceramic decorations. Taking the time to place special festive touches around your home can be such a mindful and enjoyable experience. Imagine adding just one piece a day throughout December!

Create your own advent calendar

Hand-written notes

We love gifts and sweet treats. But when it comes down to it, is there anything quite as precious as a hand-written note from a loved one? Write one for every day, or include them occasionally in your advent calendar. Get the kids involved if they’re old enough. Write about a memory of the year, or about something you love about them.


Create your own advent calendar


Your advent calendar bags come complete with little circles to write names and/or dates on, so get creative with your handwriting! We also added some fresh rosemary from the garden for a fresh and fragrant finish.

However you celebrate advent this year, we hope it’s nourishing, cosy and totally right for you.