Gram Malmö: minimal waste shopping

Gram Malmö: minimal waste shopping

March 15, 2020 0 By Nordic House

Have you experienced minimal waste shopping yet? Gram Malmö, Sweden, started a trend that’s growing and growing.

If the last few years have brought anything, it’s the message that we need to be living more sustainably, with less plastic and less waste.

Spearheading the cause in Sweden is the gorgeous Gram Malmö store, featuring refill stations for groceries and plenty of planet-friendly household goods.

Keeping it simple

The set up at Gram Malmö, and at similar stores around the world, is simple: bring your own containers, weigh the produce you want, and only pay for what you need. This cuts out waste, because you don’t have to over-buy, and removes the need for plastic bags and other excess packaging. Plus, you don’t have to decant your shop when you get home – your stylish glass jars can go directly on the kitchen shelf!

Where they can supply Swedish ingredients, they do, and there’s a real commitment to working with suppliers in Europe and, where needed, around the world, to reduce and reuse larger packaging.

Of course, being Swedish, the flour, pasta, grains and other products (numbering in hundreds) are laid out beautifully, with hand-written signs. Inspired by the now-iconic Swedish lösgodis (which we know as pick and mix sweet dispensers), the system is hygienic as well as convenient for everyone.

A worldwide phenomenon

Since its creation, Gram Malmö has inspired the set up for similar reduced waste stores around the world. With so many of us looking for ways to live more sustainably, this movement has really taken off, with plenty of stylish stores popping up.

The Swedish approach is, of course, one that is chic as well as convenient, and we love the inspiration Gram Malmö brings to the world stage.

Closer to home

Find a local refill store, such as:


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