Home comforts for trying times

March 15, 2020 0 By Nordic House

With the news this week leaving many of us feel out of sorts, we’re embracing home comforts and spreading calm. With Coronovirus taking over the media, we thought we’d share some ideas and inspiration for a calm and comfortable home.

You might find you’re spending a little more time at home in the coming weeks – let’s make it as enjoyable as possible!

Take out your favourite, most comfortable pyjamas and loungewear

Whether you’re under the weather or not, having clean, comfortable clothes does wonders for the mood. Ditch anything that doesn’t fit, digs in, or makes you feel rubbish. Choose the highest quality fabric you have, and don’t save anything for best. Freshly laundered is always a treat. Try ironing your pjs, even if you don’t usually, and storing them with a spritz of perfume or sachet of lavender.


Make the bed

Oh, the healing power of fresh sheets! A simple yet effective home comfort. No matter how long since you last changed them, your mood will improve with a fresh set. Take a little longer to plump the pillows, perhaps add a couple of throw cushions, and make your bedroom feel like a hotel room. Pop some fresh towels in the bathroom while you’re at it.

make your bed to improve your mood

Savour simple flavours

We’re all considering how we can make the most of store cupboard staples. There’s plenty of goodness in simple cooking: chicken soup, eggs on toast, your favourite pasta sauce. Take some time to savour simple dishes, and you’ll discover new gratitude for nourishing your body.

Self isolating inspiration


Extra time at home, even if it’s enforced, is a great time to declutter. Choose a room or a small area of your home and clear anything that you’re not using or loving. Create bags for donations as well as recycling, even if you can’t send it straight away. That pile of papers to file or shred? Pop a lovely film on and get it done!

Self isolation home projects

Get into the garden

A little weeding, pruning and planting will do your garden the world of good! If you’re up to it, potter and tend to your outside space. The fresh air will do its magic while you work.

Style your shelves

As well as decluttering, try creating little pockets of style. Shelves are a great place to start, especially because they’re contained, so you won’t feel like you have to redo a whole room! Try organising books by colour, arranging photos in a new way, or layer different colours and textures together.

Coronavirus self isolating inspiration

Light a candle, put on some music

Nothing improves the atmosphere like a flickering candle and some calming music. These small gestures can help you to feel calm and cosy, and they help you to switch off from the news and from the stresses of your day. Whether you’re working, healing, or cooking dinner, give yourself the gift of music and candlelight as part of your home comforts.

home styling


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