Keeping cosy the Scandi way

Keeping cosy the Scandi way

March 4, 2014 1 By Nordic House

With the days getting longer and the sun peeking through the clouds more and more often it’s easy to forget that there’s still a winter chill in the air, especially come nightfall. The feeling of coming in from the cold to a cosy house is second to none – an inviting home almost gives you a hug when you come through the front door!

As our Nordic neighbours are so used to short days and low temperatures they are naturally well versed in keeping their homes snug in a stylish way. Many people think that minimalist interiors with lots of white are cold and uninviting, but when designed well they can actually be amazingly warm, comforting and calming spaces.

Scandinavians tend to use plenty of natural textures and materials to add texture and warmth, like sheepskin and wood – the result is a perfect balance between comfort and style with little touches that make all the difference!

Bright, light-filled rooms like quintessential Scandinavian interiors are the perfect antidote to short, dark days. I thought I’d share some of my favourite comforting interiors and tips for a cosy home, so grab a blanket and snuggle up with us the Scandi way…

No Scandinavian home is complete without a wood-burning fire; warming, inviting and soothing, it’s no surprise that fireplaces are a central feature in Nordic home design!


Sitting next to an open fire to mask a seasonal chill is absolutely enchanting – pull up our Chunky Knit Floor Cushion, pour yourself some tea and get close…

For those without an open fireplace, grouping candles of different heights together can create a real feature, almost mimicking the flames of an open fire. Create your own comforting display with an array of wooden candle holders on a mirrored tray for some added reflective magic!


For the perfect spring fireside look I’d add the tiniest splash of colour by scattering some of our deliciously soft Knitted Grey cushions.

Thanks to their beautiful native environment, Scandinavians appreciate organic materials and stunning craftsmanship, often using natural wood in flooring, accessories and furniture.


Why not pile our small Tree Table high with different coloured tea lights for instant cosiness in your living room?

We love our gorgeous mohair and fur throw for draping over a bed or dressing up a simple sofa with our stripy knit throw. Just imagine climbing into bed after a long day under one of these… the ultimate luxury!

As I find time and time again, comfort is the key to making a home welcoming. Natural Scandinavian touches add warmth and style, making you feel instantly familiar – perfect for relaxing and entertaining friends. These cosy style solutions work perfectly for when the summer comes too, so you can snuggle up al fresco!

Whether it’s to warm up your kitchen, living room or bedroom take a look at our Pinterest for more snug Scandi inspiration…