The story behind Life & Style

The story behind Life & Style

October 31, 2018 0 By Nordic House

As the nights draw in and we approach the turning back of the clocks, Nordic House HQ is aglow with anticipation for our new Life & Style magazine, which comes out on Wednesday 31st October.

This will be our second edition, and it felt like the perfect moment to reflect on the love and care that goes into creating our online magazine.

With so much changing in the online world, our founder Sandie wanted to find a way to create little pockets of calm and inspiration – rather than the typical overwhelm of things we need to do, be and have. When it comes down to it, we’re sensitive souls, and we need nurturing.

And so the idea for Life & Style is that it would allow us all to make a cup of tea and take a few minutes (or maybe even an hour) to dream, to read thoughtful articles, and to fall into a soft and magical world, curated by Nordic House.

Sandie spent time dreaming up topics for our first and second editions – things that are meaningful to her, the reasons she gets out of bed in the morning. Topics like the meaning of home, the magical healing properties of candlelight, and what Christmas is really about.

She then works with writer Jenny (that’s me) and designer Kristian to bring each piece to life. Words are drafted, edited, proofed, and images are gathered and put in place. As you read, you’ll see that each article and image is there to remind us to live slower, more passionately, and to live well.

Next week’s winter edition includes ideas to bring that Nordic living ethos into the festive season – slowing down when the world seems to go so fast, and bring our care and attention to the things that really matter.

Sandie has shared her favourite ideas for more meaningful gifts that reflect her closest held belief: that beautiful items that can enhance your life, your home, and your wellbeing, when chosen well.

This new digital magazine is an expression of love from all of us here at Nordic House. It’s also got a wonderful feature – you can read the articles at your leisure, and you can tap on anything that catches your eye to find out more.

So sign up for your copy, which will be sent over swiftly to your inbox on Wednesday 31st October. We hope you’ll love reading it as much as we’ve loved putting it together.