Make the most of your mantelpiece

Make the most of your mantelpiece

November 4, 2014 1 By Nordic House

As the weather turns chilly, we naturally turn our attentions indoors, to creating a wonderfully welcoming retreat from the outside world. And one of the main focal points in many homes is the fireplace – particularly important in Scandinavia where the freezing temperatures mean that every house will have its own fireplace. In the past, these hearths were used to heat the entire home, but now are more commonly used as a place for friends and family to gather.

One of the best ways to dress the home is to create different displays on the mantelpiece. It’s so easy to change a few accessories around, with each season for example, to create a fresh look in your living room. And it’s not just something you should do for Christmas! Here are our top products for bringing your mantelpiece to life…


Our large wall clock is styled like a pocket watch! I also just love the thought-provoking statements on its face. It’s one of my favourite pieces this AW!

white mini vase nordic house

Our mini white vases are perfect for mantelpieces – fill several with single stems or rich foliage and line them up to create displays that will enhance rather than dominate the space.

Of course at Nordic House we are huge fans of mercury silver pieces! So much so that we have an entire category devoted to them on our shop.

mercury silver candlestick nordic house

Our large mercury silver candlestick is the epitome of elegance, conjuring up images of vintage glamour and reflecting and glistening the light from the fire below.

Mirrors are a failsafe way of bouncing light around the room and drawing attention to your mantel.

glass pillar dinner candle

Our lovely glass candle-holder would look great in front of a mantelpiece – it’s also multi-functional as it can hold both pillar and dinner candles, so you can use it on your dining table too!

Last but definitely not least! For a simple, inexpensive but always-stylish solution, fill your mantelpiece with pillar candles! This works best when you have a stone mantelpiece (otherwise dripping wax can be difficult to remove from other surfaces) and creates a timeless, effortless display that works with pretty much all interiors!

white pillar candles nordic house

And on that note, did we mention that we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of classic pillar candles? Made in Sweden, our long burning pure white candles come in a huge variety of sizes so that you can cost-effectively and easily recreate the look above.

There really are endless ways to make the most of your mantelpiece, so do think about changing your display on a regular basis. It’s easy to add a few accessories and leave it that way for years, but so much fun can be had mixing up pieces to bring out the best of the seasons and trends in interiors – it’s an endless joy for me and I hope this post has inspired you too!