Midsummer magic: 24 hours in sunlight

Midsummer magic: 24 hours in sunlight

June 12, 2019 0 By Nordic House

Midsummer magic: a time so powerful and vital to our evolution it was immortalised by Shakespeare and continues to be celebrated by cultures throughout the world.

It’s easy to take for granted the magic that is our seasonal biorhythm. But when you think about it, it really is truly special that our Earth is tilted to create a longest day and a longest night. And when you think about all the joy that summer gives us, that twist of physics and fate really does give us a lot.

Of course, no one enjoys summer – and especially midsummer – as much as the Scandinavian population. For three months of the year, the sun shines so brightly and so long that you can’t help but feel more joyful, more carefree. And on the big day itself? 24 hours of sunshine, and a whole host of celebrations.


We’ve brought together some of our favourite world traditions, recipes and stories of midsummer to inspire you to create your very own celebration, whether it’s big or small.

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