New Year Declutter! Storage solutions

New Year Declutter! Storage solutions

January 7, 2014 0 By Nordic House

Happy New Year from all of us at Nordic House!

We hope you all had the most wonderful festive break, with plenty of time to rest and catch up with family and friends! We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

The home is at its busiest over Christmas and New Year, playing host to various dinner parties and celebrations with family and friends. As we rifle through drawers in search of the turkey baster and reach into the darkest depths of our cupboards for the decorations, we’re inevitably reminded just how much clutter we have, and how much it needs organising!

Fortunately for us, Scandi style by nature is clean and simple, underpinned by functionality and utility. So now’s a good time to turn to the Nordic countries for organisational and storage inspiration…

Console tables are the perfect practical storage piece for the hallway. Tidy those shoes that are waiting to be tripped on underneath the table in large baskets. Letters and keys can be stored in drawers instead of lying on the benchtop, leaving space there for easy-to-grab accessories such as gloves.


Once your console table is in, add style some style with a couple of statement pieces for a less cluttered look. Our gorgeous metal bowl is also a handy place to store keys and purses.

At Nordic House, we love painted furniture, especially tall cupboards. What’s more, they hide all matter of sin in the living room, and by sin I mean clutter! They’re the perfect storage solution for any stray books, DVDs and throws not in use. Equally practical for the living room are coffee tables with under storage for magazines.


As well as being stylish organisers, ladders are fantastic space savers. Store towels, toilet paper, perfume, soaps and any other bathroom knick-knacks on them. And if a shelf starts to look cluttered, place the items into a basket first, and then on the shelf.


Add chic touches to a bathroom ladder shelf by using our retro glass display jars to display delicate stems.


Our vintage suitcases are a stunning bedroom storage addition. Stack them on top of each other and use as a side table or for even more storage, place an extra large suitcase or trunk at the end of the bed. Store throws, linen, shoes or even old photos – the possibilities are endless!
Open-wall shelving is a simple yet hugely stylish kitchen storage solution. Layering pretty trays, platters and jugs as well as stacking crockery and glassware makes for a fabulous look. You’ll be surprised how much space you can make by clearing out those drawers and cupboards and how quickly you’ll now find the utensils you need!


This one is a personal favourite of mine. Our lovely dark bamboo cutlery holder would sit wonderfully on the kitchen shelf. Incredibly useful, not to mention beautiful, it even has a side compartment for napkins – the Scandis think of everything!

The New Year is the perfect time for a New Start, and where better to practice this than in the home? There’s never a better time to declutter than the New Year so we hope our ideas have provided you with some inspiration – and motivation! And be sure to take a trip over to our Pinterest board for even more stunning ideas…