No ordinary storage baskets: the history behind our Korbo collection

No ordinary storage baskets: the history behind our Korbo collection

September 18, 2019 0 By Nordic House

Is there anything more useful than strong, durable storage baskets? Pieces that are versatile, long-lasting and easy to use are the best investments we can possibly make.

But there’s more to it than that. This season, we’re delighted to share the history and craftsmanship of our very favourite storage solutions…

Can we tell you a secret? Our lovely, stylish, generous storage baskets – they’re made entirely from a single piece of wire.

And it’s a design that originated on Swedish coastlines, used by fishermen and farmers to carry their heavy and precious loads.

Korbo baskets have far more to them than meets the eye. And isn’t that as it should be? Investing in pieces that are useful and beautiful – yes – but that also have a history, a meaning, a purpose.

Straight out of the 1920s

Almost a century ago, wire baskets emerged in Sweden as an essential part of daily life for so many. Anyone who needed reliable ways to carry and store goods through wind, wear and tear, such as farmers and fishermen, started to rely on these innovative and complex baskets.

Each basket needed to hold its own. There was no room for pieces that would fall apart, wear down too quickly, or struggle with weighty loads.

Proud and creative craftsmen discovered that baskets woven from one long piece of steel were tough and practical. They aren’t even welded – nothing can fall apart. And that traditional method is still used today to produce stunning storage baskets.

Handwoven by humans

Using methods passed down through generations, these baskets are still handwoven, still made from galvanised and stainless steel, and still slightly different every time.

Not only does the shape and patina of the metal shift for each individual piece, they’re each signed by the person who made them. A real authentic connection in a world of mass-production and faceless design.

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