The perfect Scandi table setting

The perfect Scandi table setting

July 1, 2014 0 By Nordic House

Entertaining is a huge part of Scandi life, throughout the year. Whether it’s beautiful dinners al fresco overlooking the water, or cosy fireside dinners with all the family in the winter, Scandi hospitality is second to none. And our Nordic friends love nothing more than creating the most stunning, welcoming table setting to ensure that gatherings are as visually enticing as they are delicious! 

Setting the table is something I personally love to do when entertaining – it’s a joy to create beautiful arrangements, pick the table linens and glassware and find the perfect flowers and candles to finish the look. I thought in today’s blog post it might be nice to share with you one of my perfect Scandi table setting ‘looks’. Of course, Scandis are known for their love of blues and reds (our gingham is immensely popular!), but there’s something so simple and elegant about a pure white setting, complete with natural woods and clear glassware. 

Here’s how to create a charming, tranquil lunch setting for family and friends…

First things first, it’s time to choose the table linen…

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For this look, our Crochet Trim table runner is just perfect. Finished with an immaculate crocheted edging, this beautiful runner is made from 100% cotton and the decorative border is shown off in its full glory running through the centre of the table.

Next up, add a Crochet Trim table mat and napkin for each person dining.


Laying the knife and fork neatly on the folded napkin gives a beautiful unobtrusive look, but you can also tie with a piece of twine for a more rustic effect.


For tableware, there’s only one choice for this scheme – our stunning Swedish collection! Each piece has a slightly distressed undulating glazed finish, giving them a really tactile, handmade feel. They are also dishwasher-friendly and microwave-safe.


There’s a huge range of pieces on offer in our tableware collection, but we think the delicate fluted bowl deserves a place here. Piled high with fruit or all manner of sweet treats, this elegant footed bowl is as useful as it is decorative thanks to its prettily fluted rim.

And another personal favourite in our Swedish tableware range are the adorable egg cups with their little lids…


These have proved massively popular and are just as charming in the flesh as they are in photographs!


For serving bread or cheese, our beautiful wooden board, with its simple white painted back, fits the Nordic white scheme perfectly and definitely belongs on the table.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Scandi table setting without some candles! For this look, I’ve chosen our stunning classic turned candle holders….


Made from mango wood, these just exude Scandi charm with their lime-washed finish and delicate curves. There are two sizes available so you can group them to make a display, or simply place two matching ones either end of the table.

Team them with classic white pillar candles…


Made in Sweden, our long-burning, pure white pillar candles come in more sizes than you could (probably) imagine!


And last but not least – the flowers. No table setting is complete without them. To keep with the simple, relaxed theme, I think these understated glass vases are ideal. Keep styling to a minimum with a few wild flowers in restrained colours – or go for all white like here.

Now all that’s left to do is choose the food! Take a look at our recipes section for some tempting Scandi ideas…

Smaklig Måltid!