Romancing the home: an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration

Romancing the home: an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration

February 9, 2019 0 By Nordic House

This Valentine’s Day, create a different kind of celebration. Rather than focusing purely on partnerships, how about we look at romancing the home?

Cultures around the world, and especially in Scandinavia, have created rituals and traditions in the winter to keep our spirits up. In the darker, colder months, we need warmth, light and good company for our health and wellbeing.

Well, we’re through midwinter now, but February can be just as cold, dark and dim as December.

Which is why Valentine’s Day can be such a blessing. A chance to add a little warmth and light to the day. A time to reflect on the people we love and celebrate them.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get inspired by romance in general. After all, love makes the world go around!

Romance isn’t just for partners and lovers. It’s for friends and family, too. But even more, you can romance yourself and your nearest and dearest by romancing the home.

So what do we mean by romancing?

If you’re in the mood, maybe it’s dancing (and romancing)!

Truthfully, embracing romance can be anything that makes you feel a little bit special. Perhaps it is a delectable box of chocolates to savour. Or a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Romancing the home with Nordic House

Romance can also be lighting candles, fluffy cushions, scented baths.

Romancing the home with Nordic House

Or it could be thoughtfully arranging your favourite decorations and memories in your home to help it feel softer, more at ease, and more welcoming.

Romancing the home with Nordic House

The time we take to tend to our homes and spaces can so easily be shrugged off as “wasted” or “too time consuming” when in reality it can be exactly what we need to tend to our hearts and spirits.

This Valentine’s Day, give a little love to yourself and your home. Plan a lovely meal. Put up a new picture. Light candles. Arrange flowers. Embrace whatever romance feels like to you.