Scandi Christmas decorations

Scandi Christmas decorations

December 10, 2013 0 By Nordic House

One thing Scandinavians understand better than anyone is the experience of real winter. The harsh reality of a Nordic winter is something that requires preparation and with the collective knowledge of a region that has faced and embraced this climate for hundreds of years, there are no better people to look to when searching for warming and festive ideas to make your home look and feel Christmassy at this special time of year.

Scandinavia’s iconic neutral interior schemes, injected with natural materials from timber to stone, make the most beautiful backdrop for twinkling lights and full green natural garlands. It’s not hard to decipher the origin of the red and white Scandi Christmas combination – just look to the Swedish cabin, painted red, all covered in a winter’s snow.

Today on the blog, we take a look at some beautiful Scandinavian Christmas decorations…


These gorgeous Christmas Tree Candles are a festive staple in Sweden, adding light and colour to your Christmas tree. If you have little ones around and want to keep the tree flame free, these candles would look equally as fabulous atop a festive Yuletide chocolate log or Christmas cake!


No Nordic home would be complete at Christmas without an Advent Candle to count down the days to Christmas Eve. Our gorgeous offering is printed with cherub and drum motifs and comes as part of our seasonal Cherub range.

Some of the most decorative ideas can be created from items you already have around your home. Thinking outside of the box is as much a Scandi tradition as white-washed walls, and at an expensive time of year it puts the focus firmly back on the experience and atmosphere that makes the season so bright. Have a look around your home and see what wonders lurk in the back of your cupboards too!

It is the simplicity of Scandi decorations that continually amazes me and inspires my passion for this region. White serves as a beautiful backdrop for red ribbons and green wreaths and the transformation that can take place by merely bringing some of the outdoors into your home is a wonder to behold! Traditional fairisle print in red and white oozes Christmas spirit, and the exquisite simplicity of candlelight is an artform we all know our Nordic neighbours have mastered…

It is common in Scandinavia for the exterior of the home to be decorated with natural wreaths of green leaves and berries and for the mischievous elf Nisse to appear on windowsills as a reminder of his presence. The addition of twinkling lights is commonplace as is smoke billowing from the chimney! The stunning Nordic landscape comes into its own with snow carpeting the ground, creating a truly festive sight. Why not create a wreath from your garden? With some gardening twine and a bit of creativity a handmade wreath could make your home feel all the more special this Christmas time.

Nordic decorations make the most beautiful impact through their quiet, sophisticated simplicity. As candlelight flickers and catches the colours of the season, from red berries and green garlands to rustic wooden decorations, it’s not hard to understand the popularity of a Scandi Christmas scheme. Nature comes to the fore and a legacy borne over thousands of years of tradition, through old Norse paganism to the current day, means the natural world is decorated and celebrated as part of the regional tradition. So this year, why not look to your garden, parks and green spaces for inspiration, perhaps taking a few cuttings to add some festive Scandi delight to your home…

For further inspiration or for more decorative Scandi ideas, pop over to the Nordic House Pinterest boards! And we’d love to see your Scandi-inspired decorations, so do share links in the comments below!